Best Mountain Drive – Sonora & Ebbetts Passes

An excerpt from Sunset Magazine: May 1, 2013 – page 62

Only a few roads cut through the Sierra from west to east. If speed’s your goal, set cruise control and take I-80 over Donner Summit. But locals argue about which other mountain pass boasts the best scenery. Which is why you shouldn’t drive just one. Instead, take a weekend for a road trip on States 4 and 108.

Day 1: From Arnold, drive State 4 to Bear Valley. Just beyond, Lake Alpine Resort serves up a hearty trout-and-eggs breakfast, and rents kayaks. Heading east, 4 curlicues up and over Ebbetts Pass’s 8,732-foot summit. Two right turns take you first over State 89’s Monitor Pass, then South on U.S. 395 through the rugged Walker River canyon. For dinner and a motel room, Bridgeport is you best bet.

Day 2: From Bridgeport, State 108 runs west to climb steep switchbacks past thick stands of aspens and craggy volcanic outcroppings to the 9,624-foot Sonora Pass. West of the summit, Kennedy Meadows Resort has hamburgers and horseback rides. At Donnell Vista, walk the oath that shows off the Yosemite – like gorge of Donnell Reservoir. Cap off the trip with a swim at Pinecrest Lake, and dream of doing it all again in reverse.


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