This cozy cabin is in Dorrington, closer to Bear Valley than staying in Arnold and a nice neighborhood too. The driveway is pretty steep and you’ll need a good mountain vehicle to get up it if its snowing or icy. There is a snow removal service that hits the driveway after it snows. The house worked well with lots of porch space, rooms for a big family and a large den below with a pool table. Hosting staff were great and got us in our cabin during a storm and were always reachable. Gas stove in the living room was easy to use and kept the house plenty warm. Kitchen is electric but there’s an outdoor gas bbq to use if the power goes out during a storm. The property outside was inclined of course and made for an epic sledding route. Two sleds are onsite. We enjoyed being snowed in. If you think its possible there’s a big storm coming, bring some extra lights and batteries, incase the power goes out, but cozy with candles and electric lanterns.