This cabin made us feel at home!!!

This place was great for our family! This cabin made us feel just at home. The environment was great. They provided us with most essentials needed to live at this cabin (shampoo, dishes, blankets, ect.) For those who have children, they would absolutely love to wonder around the area and play in the game room in the garage. The rooms were very spacious. There was about 3 king sized beds and 1 twin sized bunk bed. The shower rooms was great too! There was plenty to do here, and we were never really bored. Night time a the patio was absolutely gorgeous, it felt very comforting and nice. This place also gave us easy access to the supermarket just down the road, so we were able to buy the food we needed. It was also very close to the town and lake, which was only about a 5 minute drive. Everything was amazing, and we hope everyone else who goes to this cabin feels the exact same way we felt when we stayed there. We will make sure to come back to this place again! Thank you for everything!