We had a wonderful weekend at Dogwood Den! I would highly recommend this place for as many as 6 adults and 4 kids. The sleeping setup is super comfortable, we thoroughly appreciated the cleanliness of the place and crisp white sheets. I used the electric BBQ and we cooked breakfast on the gas range. The kitchen was well stocked and we we were glad to eat well the whole weekend. The Fly-in lake in the neighborhood is a super place for kids & family. We walked by but next time I would go in & pay the per-person charge so we can fully enjoy the canoeing, swimming & paddle boarding in the lake. Cedar Creek Realty had as stop by to pickup the keys and sign their contract. I was tempted to express frustration at being asked to stop by but the people were super nice and were clearly just doing their bit to maintain the property and educate visitors about the local noise restrictions. I would give them a thumbs up as well for prompt service and a hospitable attitude. All in all…5 stars. Dogwood Den is a cozy little place that punches above its weight and offers an excellent experience and value to boot!