Going Underground

Calaveras County Moaning Caverns

Calaveras is steward to four spectacular show caverns, and exploring these underground gems is a true adventure in admiring Mother Nature’s finest handiwork. Stalactites and stalagmites galore! Black Chasm, Moaning, Mercer and California Caverns provide thrilling spelunking experiences year-round. Try a 165-foot rappel down to the bottom of Moaning, discover deep black lakes in California, view unique crystalline formations in Mercer, and witness rare helictite formations in Black Chasm.

CCR Insider: If you’re a true thrill seeker, try Moaning Cavern’s twin zip lines! For the more placid, gem mining is also available at many of the caverns.

Photos in clockwise order:

Top Left:  Dave Bunnell, Moaning Cavern

Top Middle: Lisa Boulton, Moaning Cavern

Top Right: Peter and Ann Bosted, Moaning Cavern

Bottom Left & Middle:  Lisa Boulton, Moaning Cavern Park

Bottom Right: Lisa Boulton, Moaning Cavern