Arnold California Area Map

Calaveras County has 1,024 square miles, 652,920 acres and a small population of only 48,000 people, a ratio of one person to every 14 acres.  Intimate and friendly, we have room for visitors and new residents alike.  Come share and enjoy our elbow room!

Ebbetts Pass Highway 4 is designated as a National Scenic Byway, only one of six in California. You’ll find it listed in every outdoor enthusiasts’ magazine. Here are some of the neighborhoods in the area surrounding Arnold, located midway between the 49er Gold Country and the ski resort of Bear Valley. The strength of this area is the unparalleled variety it offers, from cabin choices to neighborhood locations, from unlimited recreational pursuits to high sierra wonders.  Simply put, there’s something for everyone.

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It all really started out as land subdivisions, splitting big chunks into smaller pieces to sell.  Houses were built and it was called a development.  Families moved in and to them it became a neighborhood.  Neighborhoods multiplied to become a community.  The Ebbetts Pass Corridor from Angels Camp to Bear Valley has many such neighborhoods and each has its own unique history and benefits that make them different than all the rest.  People take pride in their very own neighborhood, and always consider it the very best.  When you get started in your search for a new home or mountain getaway, give careful thought to what you expect from your new neighborhood.  Be clear in your goals and how you plan to use it, and then share that information with your agent.  They need that information so they can carefully match your needs with the best spot on the planet for you.  Highway 4 offers myriad choices for you and we know you will be amazed and pleased with what you find.  And BTW, even though these write-ups cover many of the key spots, it is by no means all the spots.  Your agent lives here and will know every hill and dale, nook and cranny, and will move every rock and twig to locate a perfect spot for you. Welcome to the Ebbetts Pass Corridor and Arnold.  May your neighborhood choice enrich both you and our community.

CCR Insider: Help us help you find a perfect lot, home or cabin in a neighborhood that you will enjoy for many years to come. From Angels Camp to Bear Valley, Highway 4 neighborhoods offer abundant and unique choices. Get ready, this search will be fun!


  • Where HOA is mentioned, we do not always state the fees. Check with your agent as fees can change from year to year.
  • Cell phone service is not reliable.  AT&T will not work in the greater Arnold area at the present time.  Verizon will work in some but not all locations.
  • Google Maps and GPS units are not totally reliable for our mountain area.  Feel free to check with us to confirm directions or click here for a printable PDF.  People stop by our office all the time for good old fashioned directions and real paper maps.


Bear Valley

Big Trees Village

Blue Lake Springs

Blue Lake Springs (West)

Camp Connell


Fly-In Acres

Forest Meadows

Grizzly Ridge

Hathaway Pines

Lakemont Pines

Lakeside Terrace

Lilac Park


Mill Woods



Sequoia Woods Country Club

Snowshoe Springs

White Pines

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