The small area of Avery is located about 4 miles below Arnold.  Its junction with Sheep Ranch Road provides access to the middle of the county, Sheep Ranch and Mountain Ranch.  Ebbetts Pass Highlands is a small developed area and Avery has side roads in all directions.  It’s important to the community as the site for Avery Middle School which serves 6-8 graders.  It’s one of three schools in the Vallecito Union School District.  Brand new in 1994, a school bond was passed by the community to take advantage of available state funding at the time.  It still looks brand new and it’s highly rated, just like Hazel Fischer and Albert Michelson Elementary Schools.  Our schools have a great reputation for top quality teachers, small class sizes, and active parental involvement.  Getting a teaching position in our mountain community is a plum job, so we get the cream of the crop in teachers.  Also located in Avery is a county waste disposal facility, a transfer site not a landfill, where you can recycle and dispose of household waste. If there is such a thing as the mythical “snow line”, it’s probably Sheep Ranch Road.