Big Trees Village

One of the largest housing areas in the general Arnold area, American Forest Products once owned and logged the property and then developed about 1,958 home sites back in the mid ‘60s.  All lots are now privately held with a mix of developed and undeveloped sites.  Lots of Native American street names help distinguish this area (Shoshone, Meko, Navajo, etc.).  It is also served by the Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) and is the last development up the hill that has county plowed and maintained roads.  Average parcel sizes range from approximately one third of an acre up to about an acre, depending on slope and location.  Big Trees Village covers an area south of Highway 4 from Big Trees Village Drive to Meko Drive, a stretch of about 5 miles.  BTV has an optional HOA membership with recreation amenities like a big park area with picnic and BBQ areas, one kiddie pool and one full-sized Olympic pool, two tennis courts, a snack bar and beautiful grassy area by the pools.  Take Boards Crossing Road 5 miles down to the Stanislaus River for camping, fishing, and swimming.  This path is a free river access but the road is closed in the winter.  Like most neighborhoods up here, a big majority of the BTV cabins are second homes.

CCR Insider: Big Trees Village has seen an increase in popularity in the last 5-10 years.  It has always been a balancing act between the higher elevation, about 5,000’, which means more snow in the winter but is offset by the fact that you are about 5-10 miles closer to the ski area (depending on your street location).  It has also had slower infill which means more vacant parcels than older neighborhoods.  The higher elevation is also a plus for cooler nights during summer heat spells.  All in all, BTV is a terrific area for your mountain lot or cabin.