Fly-In Acres

Fly-In Acres is located between Meadowmont and Moran Road and has about 160 parcels that offer 1 acre+ parcel sizes.  HOA members are able to use the Fly-In Acres Lake but no other facilities.  Most streets are named after airplanes (like Thunderbolt and Mustang).  The early concept was to fly buyers into an airport then sell these parcels.  Urban legend has it that the cost of building the strip and the insurance killed that marketing idea, so the landing strip became a country club golf course and the Fly-In Acres Lake.  These beautiful parcels and homes work well for local owners and visitors with a solid reputation for roomy sites and a quiet location.

CCR Insider: From vintage and cozy to large and luxurious, this is a terrific neighborhood to find an ideal lot or cabin.