Lakemont Pines

This smaller but very popular neighborhood has an active HOA and offers wonderful recreation facilities, including the area’s largest private lake.  Other facilities include a well-kept rustic lodge, clean sandy beach, children’s play area, paddleboat and sports equipment rentals, and a snack bar.  With about 563 parcels, Lakemont Pines is a compact neighborhood mostly centered around the beautiful lake and lodge, and located just west of Meadowmont with easy access to Highway 4.  Recreation and facility usage, like most neighborhoods, is limited to property owners and their guests.  Lakemont also backs to Stanislaus National Forest lands and has access to the Arnold Rim Trail.  There are generally fewer properties for sale here as compared to some of the larger neighborhoods in Arnold.

CCR Insider: We call Lakemont our “On Golden Pond” area.  Remember walking to your favorite swimming hole as a kid with just a swimsuit, towel and flip flops?  That’s Lakemont Pines in a nutshell.