Meadowmont was developed in Arnold in the mid 1960s.  There are approximately 1,473 parcels that sit on both sides of Highway 4, with the larger portion of the neighborhood situated behind Big Trees Market and the  meadow in the middle of town.  Meadowmont does have CC&Rs and an HOA but has no recreation facilities.  They have a whopping HOA fee of $20 per year, just enough to pay for the annual billings.  The predominant characteristic of this area is a higher percentage of full time owners than other Arnold neighborhoods, partly due to its close proximity to town and Highway 4. The absence of recreation facilities also equates to the minimal HOA fee for the full time owners who already use the abundant recreation opportunities that Arnold and Ebbetts Pass have to offer.  Since it has more full time residents, Meadowmont is known as a pleasant and friendly area where neighbors all keep an eye out for each other.  On the north side of the neighborhood the lots back to roughly 8,500 acres of Stanislaus National Forest lands (called an interface), which provides plenty of hiking, biking, and hoof opportunities, as well as a connector to the new Arnold Rim Trail (did we mention the fabulous views)?!

CCR Insider: Unless you are wed to the idea of a neighborhood with recreation facilities included, Meadowmont is a beautiful quiet area with exceptional values for homes and cabins, and Stanislaus National Forest makes a great neighbor!