Snowshoe Springs

We generally call the areas and neighborhoods above Big Trees State Park (Dorrington, Camp Connell, Big Trees Village, and Snowshoe Springs) the “Big Trees” area.  Because of the lack of signs or gates, it takes a map or good guide to know which neighborhood you are visiting.  Snowshoe Springs is a small distinct subdivision that was originally a summer home area at the end of Highway 4 (before the highway was extended to serve Bear Valley in the 1960s).  Comprised of about 360 parcels, it was an island of summer cabins until Big Trees Village was developed by American Forest Products and fully surrounded it.  Snowshoe Springs recreation opportunities for owners and paid guests include a large pristine meadow as well as Snowshoe Lake.  The HOA bills both recreation and water together and the total fees are nominal (check with your agent for more information).  If you like quaint neighborhoods and a higher elevation, about 5,000’, then Snowshoe Springs is a terrific option for you.

CCR Insider: Snowshoe Springs boasts mostly smaller A-frames and chalets but also has a few newer “McCabins”.  The neighborhood has a very lush, deep forest setting with easy access to the highway, and the lake is a beautiful oasis (see the framed photo in our office)!