White Pines

White Pines is a great neighborhood that prefers to be called a community.  This area is both historic and chock full of amenities.  White Pines was founded in 1938 by the Blagen Lumber Company that brought many early residents to town.  It’s also home to the old Hazel Fischer one-room school house that is now Independence Hall (our town hall).  Facilities and recreation opportunities include the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum (a must-see), White Pines Lake, beautiful lakeside park, the Moose Lodge, Courtright-Emerson community baseball field, and Hazel Fischer Elementary School (K-5).  Our sense of community is exemplified in White Pines: Independence Hall, the logging museum, park, and ball field all exist due to ongoing volunteer efforts.  There is no better example of small town spirit; when we need something we usually just do it ourselves and “get ‘er done”.  White Pines is community activism and pride all rolled into one special and active neighborhood.  This small housing area is perfect for full time families with kids who can walk to school.

CCR Insider: Spend more than one day at the lake and park, and explore the children’s playground areas at both the park and Hazel Fischer School.  Kids love the logging museum with the enormous machines and an amazing view of White Pines Lake from the deck.

White Pines in Autumn, photo credit: John Michnowicz