Arnold Real Estate

There is nothing more enchanting than the great outdoors.  A beautiful mountain landscape of forests, lakes and valleys are a priceless enhancement for any home – the town of Arnold offers all this as well as a vibrant resort lifestyle that takes you worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Investing in Arnold property is the ultimate opportunity for homebuyers in search for a getaway that can be a seasonal retreat or eventually a permanent vacation.

Since the 1960s Arnold has been a leading destination for vacationers, second homebuyers, and permanent residents. The breathtaking surroundings are a sight to behold, and each season brings with it a unique atmosphere and set of activities that range from hiking and biking in Big Trees State Park or swimming in Lake Alpine in the summer to skiing at the nearby Bear Valley Ski Area during the winter months. Just a three-hour drive from the Bay Area, many people find it hard to resist looking at the real estate market here.

Brimming with impressive cabins and homes that dot the wilderness, the many communities that offer Arnold realty are incredibly tranquil as much as they are welcoming. Only about 4000 residents reside here all year round, and although the population spikes most during the summer months, there are plenty of festivals, performances, and community events that create a great small town feel. Don’t be surprised if you begin spending more and more time here once you’ve settled into your new property.

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