Cedar Creek Guide: Top Things to Do in Murphys, CA

Tucked away in the heart of California lies the charming town of Murphys, a treasure trove of activities waiting to be explored.

As experts in Murphys vacation rentals and with love for all things local, we present an exclusive guide to ensure your time in Murphys is well spent.

From boutique shopping to local culinary delights and captivating live music, the vibrant heart of Murphys, CA, beckons.

Shop at Local Murphys Boutiques

Downtown Murphys boasts an array of unique boutiques. From Community Thrift’s treasures and Trifilo Garden Center’s green offerings to Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed’s quirky gifts and Stories In Stones’ rock collections, there’s something for everyone. Fashion lovers can explore Serendipity Murphys and Susanna’s Life & Style, while Shiny Sparkly Things in Arnold is a haven for jewelry enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the rich selections at Books On Main or Marisolio Olive Oil Tasting Bar. This is just a glimpse into Murphys’ vibrant shopping scene.

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Dine at Murphys Restaurants 

Murphys, CA, isn’t just renowned for its shopping; it’s a paradise for those who appreciate good food and ambiance. The town boasts various restaurants, each offering a unique flavor palette to satiate every culinary craving.

First on the list is Alchemy Café, a local favorite that promises a delightful fusion of flavors. With its cozy atmosphere and inventive menu, it’s no wonder visitors and locals alike recommend it. Angels Creek Café stands as a testament to comfort food done right. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a sumptuous lunch, this café won’t disappoint.

For those looking for a twist on classic dishes, Angels Méxican Kitchen is a must-visit. The restaurant offers traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern flair, ensuring each bite is memorable. It doesn’t stop there. You are sure to find something for every palate in Murphys.

Outdoor Activities in Murphys, CA

Murphys, CA, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy the weather in Arnold, CA, when you explore the wonderful outdoor activities. Bikers can explore diverse trails like the scenic Arnold Rim Trail or ride beneath majestic redwoods in Calaveras Big Trees State Park. History buffs will appreciate the Duchess Mine Trail and Parrott’s Ferry Mineshaft Trail, blending nature and past tales. Hikers can wander amidst iconic Sequoias on the North Grove Trail or seek seclusion on the South Grove Trail. For a cooling dip, Cleo’s Bath awaits. Add kayaking to these experiences, and Murphys promises unforgettable adventures for every adventurer.

Plan Your Visit to Murphys, CA

Cedar Creek stands unparalleled for a genuine Murphys, CA experience – one steeped in luxury, comfort, and nature’s beauty. Make your reservation today and immerse yourself in the magic of our Murphys vacation rentals.

Murphys, CA Live Music

Murphys, CA, resonates with the rhythm of live music. Whether tracking your favorite band or seeking a fresh sound, the Murphys Live Music page on Facebook is your guide. Small venues like Alchemy, V Bistro, Allegorie, and Rob’s Place offer intimate settings, while larger summer concert series shine at Brice Station, Ironstone Vineyards, and Twisted Oak. From the historic Murphys Hotel to the dynamic Murphys Creek Theatre, music lovers find their groove in Murphys, making it a top destination for residents and visitors alike.

Where To Stay?

When searching for the perfect stay in Murphys, look no further than Cedar Creek. Nestled amidst the enchanting landscape of the Sierra Nevada foothills, our Murphys and Arnold vacation rentals perfectly capture the essence of Murphys. Offering both intimacy and luxury, Cedar Creek provides an experience that blends seamlessly with the natural beauty surrounding it.

Every rental is meticulously designed, radiating warmth and elegance. And with its convenient location, you’re just a short drive away from the heart of Murphys and all its attractions.

Guests can enjoy various amenities, including a sparkling pool, a rejuvenating spa, and tranquil garden spaces. It’s not just about where you sleep but the entire experience. And at Cedar Creek, every moment resonates with relaxation and charm.