Maintaining Your Vacation Cabin

Savvy real estate investors have recently focused on a new, untapped market – vacation cabins in some of the most alluring resort spots in the nation. With home prices dropping, but rentals booming, those who are ready to buy a vacation property find themselves feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot. But there are some things to remember when owning a vacation cabin in particular – maintenance tips that will keep your home healthy all year round.

For example, in places like Arnold, CA all four seasons do exist. While the warm, California weather is present in the summer months, the location and elevation allows for snowfall in the wintertime. So winterizing can be crucial – especially if you’re not using your home during the season – so that you do not damage your home inadvertently. Here is some advice to remember, provided by the team at Cedar Creek Realty:

Shut Off and Drain. All power and water should be turned off. Go to your electric panel, turn off your electric water heater – if you use gas, switch to the lowest setting or the pilot position. Turn the breakers off for your wall heaters. Shut off the main water valve, and drain your dishwasher, washing machine, and toilets.

Open all Faucets. Open all of the faucets, so that when the cold weather sets in, water doesn’t end up freezing in the pipes – ice expands, so you can easily damage your plumbing this way. Hose bibs should remain open as well.

Antifreeze is your Friend. A 1/4 to a 1/2cup of antifreeze in all drains, toilet bowls and tanks will keep water from freezing.

When you return for the spring, close all open bibs and drain valves, open the main water valve, and wait until water is flowing freely again. Test all your appliances that use water, flush your toilets, and turn on all gas and electric switches.

Have questions about maintaining your vacation cabin? Always consult with your local realtor for helpful tips.