Small Cabins For Sale in California

Many people come to California when they’re looking for a small cabin to buy. California has so many things going for it that make it attractive for the first-time or even the seasoned buyer. The fresh mountain air, an easy drive to multiple scenic locations, and lots of local amenities make it a fantastic place to consider when you’re looking for cabins for sale.

When looking for that ideal vacation home away from home, look for a cabin that has what you want now, but do a little thinking for the future too. For instance, make sure the cabin can accommodate your needs:

  • Even though you only need a couple bedrooms now, do you have a growing family that might want to have more room in a few years?
  • What seasons will you visit? Winter-time ski season or during the summer or both?
  • Do you want rustic or lots of amenities or something in between?

Even though you may be looking to buy a small cabin, it’s still a significant investment, not only of your money, but it’s something you’re going to use for a long time. Make sure you work with a real estate professional who knows the area well, and can work with you to pick the ideal cabin based upon your budget, financing and needs for today and the future. That real estate professional should have a good inventory of small cabins to choose from that will give you lots of options.

It may be that the small cabin that you purchase today is a jumping point to a bigger cabin in the future. Even though the economy has been hit hard recently, discuss your investment strategies with your RealtorĀ® so they understand what you want to do with the cabin in five or ten years. Is it a rental cabin for the off-season, or is it an investment that you can use to leverage a larger cabin in the future?

Consider the design and exterior aesthetics of the small cabin too. Do you want a dome or something that looks more like a mountain cabin? One with a steep roof to keep the snow off or something else?

There are lots of things to consider when buying a small cabin, and Cedar Creek Realty can help you find the ideal match so you can enjoy it for years.